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GuardianKey for Android SDK

Painless authentication protection for mobile apps.
Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable psychometric user identification.

How it works

The GuardianKey Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android enables the collection of psychometric and contextual data directly in the user's mobile device.

The GuardianKey's detection engine uses Machine Learning and our secret mathematical risk formula to combine the following three analysis approaches:

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Behavioral Profiling

  • Psychometric Profiling (or Behavioral Biometrics Profiling)

Using these three pillars, our engine computes a risk for each event sent by the protected systems.

In real time, the online attempt can be blocked, an extra requirement can be requested to the user, or notifications can be triggered.

The collected psychometric data includes digitation inter times, and vibrations when the user touches the screen.


Protect against attacks

Account takeover

Contextual, behavioral data, and psychometrics are used to identify users.

Password guessing

Approach to detect and block password guessing.

Credential stuffing

Block authentication attempts even if the password matches.

The approach in action

Your app uses the GuardianKey Android SDK to collect psychometric and contextual data during the authentication process. These data are sent to your webservice, for authentication.

Your webservice combine these data with other attempt information and send to the GuardianKey's engine.

GuardianKey returns a risk level and a suggested action (ACCEPT, NOTIFY, HARD-NOTIFY, or BLOCK).

Your webservice or GuardianKey can notify your users about accesses in their accounts. Also, high-risk attempts can be blocked.

Notified users can tell if the attempts were legitimate or not. In the affirmative case, GuardianKey learns for future analysis, otherwise, your security team can be notified.

Licensing and costs


  • Annual subscription per elegible user
  • Perpetual licensing per elegible user
  • Annual subscription per application
  • Perpetual licensing per application

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