About us

The initiative began in 2017, led by Dr. Paulo Angelo, the maintainer of the Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System Hogzilla (https://hogzilla-ids.org).

The founder noted that a relevant part of the potential harmful attacks involves credentials and that the commonly used security solutions (e.g., firewall, WAF, IPS, and antivirus) do not target such attacks.

The GuardianKey's mission is the protection of the organizations' user identities with intelligent approaches, emphasizing a high return of investment and the user experience.

Our goal is to take identity risks to negligible values and to improve the user experience. We base our operations in the following core values: (i) Respect to the organizations' and users' information privacy; (ii) Make use of innovative and cutting edge technologies; (iii) Respect to laws and ethics; and (iv) Acknowledge that technologies are made targeting welfare for the society and individuals.

In 2019, GuardianKey became an official Red Hat Partner.