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GuardianKey: What is?

We make the anti-fraud solution accessible to every business.
GuardianKey validates users, providing reduced losses from fraud, data breach, and other attacks.
Our algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, psychometrics (or behavioral biometrics), contextual information, and threat databases create a robust system for verifying the identity and authenticity of users.


No Hardware

No token, mobile or other device is required.

Easy deployment

Only a couple of code lines is needed. It is also possible to use a reverse proxy.

Real time

The authentication attempts are treated and available for visualization in real time.


Less friction! The user is not required to use 2nd factors or extra actions.

High ROI

Improves the security with low costs and low efforts.

High security

The state-of-the-art approach based on Machine Learning and risk assessment to protect the authentication process.

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