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GuardianKey Mobile App

The App is used to receive instant notifications regarding access to accounts in systems protected by GuardianKey. To use it, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the app from the Play Store: GuardianKey Security
  2. Click on authorize device and read the QR Code for your authgroup/user
  3. Done! When an event should be notified, GuardianKey will send a push notification.

About the QR Code

The QR Code must contain a text in the following format:


where AUTHGROUPID can be found in the deployment information tab at the Administration Panel, USERNAME is the login used for the user, and TOKEN is as follows:


KEY is your authgroup’s respective key, found in the panel. We have a page to generate the QR Code for you, the URL is below.

Authgroupid and key can be found in the panel, you may use this information to generate the token, for example, in the the following site: Generate SHA256 sum online .